Senior GD

This section contains links to resources and inspiration related to topics explored by senior GD students currently developing their 2011 senior degree projects.

Infographics and Data Visualization
Visual Complexity
Information is Beautiful
Good Magazine
Fast Company
Nicolas Felton
Mapping the Measure of America (map)
Data Visualization
Color Advice for Cartography
We Love Infographics

Code, Digital art
Generator X
Joshua Davis
Ben Fry at Fathom
FORM+CODE in design, art and architecture

Mashable: Why Social Media is Reinventing Activism
Social Design Notes: The Vision Thing
The Living Principles: On Designing Activism
Sustainable Every Day Project
The Climate Reality Project
The Canary Project
Green Patriot Posters
AIGA Design for Good
Good Magazine
Open IDEO community and challenges
IDEO social innovation
Tibor Kalman
Candy Changsocial
Change Observer
How to Start a Movement
Talk to Me: Homeless City Guide
The Noun Project
Design Council – challenges

Anthony Burrill (UK)
Oliver Bothwell (UK)
Jonathan Barnbrook (UK)
Norm Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs (Switzerland)
Hansju van Halem (NL)
Projectsprojects (USA)
Thonik (NL)
Metahaven (NL)
James Victore (USA)
Ludovic Balland Cabinet (Switzerland)

BRUCH magazine
Slanted – Typo Weblog und Magazin
Back Issues | Slanted – Typo Weblog und Magazin
IDPURE suisse design graphique magazine et typographie / swiss graphic design magazine and typography
The Colophon2009 Magazine
HUCK magazine The Shepard Fairy Issue (Digital Edition)
Editorial – Catapult
PICA magazine on the AIGA Member Gallery
BRUNO Magazine #2–2011 on the AIGA Member Gallery
Cover Magazine on the AIGA Member Gallery
BRUNO Magazine on the AIGA Member Gallery
Archis Platform
Slanted #14 – Grotesque 2 — Graphic Design daily selection » Blog Archive » Karel Martens / OASE
Publications – Sulki & Min
Project Projects — Publication
Life of the Mind

Type and Co.

Typotheque and fonts in use
House Industries

AIGA Archives
Lined & Unlined
Thinking for a Living
Designblog (NL) (NL)

Personal Touch
Michelle Thompson
Sara Finelli
Cristiana Couceiro
Catarina Dantas

Vaughan Oliver
Neville Brody
Stefan Sagmeister
Retro and vintage LP album covers

Bruce Mau
Frank Chimero and ideas too
Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far
Milton Glaser – Ten Things I have Learned
101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
Conditional Design
Post Typography
PostSpectacular: Rule Making & Breaking

Visceral; Deconstruction, Death and Memory
Vaughan Oliver: Visceral Pleasures
Sophie Calle: Exquisite Pain
Stephen Farrell VAS
Jennifer Sterling (work samples)
Body Type 2
We Feel Fine
Jonathan Harris

Design Thinking and Innovation
The Future of the Book (IDEO video)
Seeing the Future Synthetic (Frog Design)
Design’s Role in Innovation (Design Council video)

How do you brand bad news?


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