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Kelli Anderson: Design to Challenge Reality

The New York Times Utopian alternative

Kelli Anderson challenges the convention.
Watch her inspiring + thought provoking TED talk, and check her blog too.
Aha(!) moments guaranteed.


Type of people #2

Recent reading and writing  lead me to  Tauba Auerbach.
Dedicated to those who have a hard time making decisions (myself included!).

And to those who love to read (aesthetic theory for the one below)

And to those who love to read yet find a peculiar joy in exploring encrypted messages.


Post Typography’s Greatest Misses – Artist Talk

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 6pm*
Northeastern University, Shillman Hall
115 Forsyth Street
Boston, MA 02115

Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen of the high-aiming Baltimore design studio Post Typography give a behind-the-scenes peek at the design process, illustrated with never-before-seen projects that fell short, missed the mark, or were blown off-target by the fickle winds of client taste.

*seniors: post class activity!


Though shared in the past with students (hello sophomores!) I just came across a Thonik video. Enjoy!

Be Careful to Take Risks

With another (busy) semester ahead, I was contemplating about my ability to dedicate time to Room357. But, after a long silent break, we’re back.
As always, any contribution will be happily posted!
Happy spring semester!

Bruce Mau Design sharing An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.

A great opportunity to be reminded of the Massive Change exhibition by Bruce Mau Design and the Institute Without Boundaries.

Meet the Press

Here’s a partial list of designers we have mentioned in class:

Josef Muller Brockman
Jan Tschichold‘s work
Emil Ruder
Willi Kunz
Uwe Loesch
Paula Scher from Pentagram
Reza Abedini
Catherine Zask
Peter Bilak
Experimental Jetset
Stephan Sagmeister
Joshua Davis
Jonathan Barnbrook
Droog Design
Vince Frost

Why Not Associates
Vaughan Oliver
Craig Oldham

Marian Bantjes
Jessica Hische