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Activism & giving back*

Dear senior class,
Anna O. heard (Ally?!) about your activism projects and provided the following links. Thanks Anna!
*Giving back is when ex-seniors email me with inspiring links to share with current seniors. Anna O. – you’re an honorary room 357’er!

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum exhibit (on view at the UN headquarter lobby):

Design with the Other 90%: CITIES features sixty projects, proposals, and solutions that address the complex issues arising from the unprecedented rise of informal settlements in emerging and developing economies.

Read NY Times article (research!) and click below to view exhibit website, featuring themes and solutions around the world.


Retail: Retell. Recycle. Rethink Exhibit

Another exciting initiative from Design Museum Boston (reminder: spring 2011 exhibit design class visit to Creative Capital) collaborating with students to educate consumers about the products they buy.
Stay tuned!

Opening tonight: August 11, 2011, 7:30pm
Open to the Public August 12-25, 2011, Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11-6
Prudential Center – Huntington Arcade

Exhibition Design Studio – Spring 2011

Exhibit Design students toured Creative Capital exhibit at Design Museum Boston today. Derek Cascio and Sam Aquillino, founders and directors of DMB, shared process and insights about envisioning creative, engaging public art and design education for Boston and New England. Walking us through a variety of design disciplines Sam and Derek presented projects and displays from OXO, Proverb, Korn Design and CBT Architects, and many more, all of great impact from the Boston area. Both Derek and Sam discussed story telling as a leading thread in curating any exhibition as well as innovative potential exhibition spaces around the city. Thanks so much guys!

Sam (back) discussing CBT Architects project, Derek on the left

This visit follows an earlier February trip to MIT museum exploring the MIT150 exhibition designed by Malcolm Grear Designers with an introduction by curator Debbie Douglas, and a peek at Types We Can Make (MIT Compton gallery) exhibition, a selection of contemporary Swiss type design curated by ECAL.

MIT150 exhibition

Types We Can Make: Swiss Contemporary Typography

Though spring semester is almost over, if you’re hanging around Boston, don’t miss the 2011 Boston Cyberarts Festival, starting this weekend! Highly recommended, check out schedule of events to plan your tour.