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David Airey: Advice for Design Students

David Airey, designer and author, posted valuable advice for design students. With internships and job search approaching, this resource provides a great collection of insights!

David says:

On becoming a graphic designer

On learning

On typography

On getting hired

On self-employment


All You Need to Know

Fall semester is over. It was a great term, a bit ‘greater’ than others for many reasons. Often I wonder about the ability of education not only to teach (design in our case), but also to discuss integrity, respect, and other values one wants to embrace as a working professional.

id29 offered the following piece with 29  Things [All] Designers Need to Know

My Favorites:
Don’t Fear Type
Be Yourself
Collect and Share
Seek Criticism
Never Compromise
Make Mistakes (!)
Keep A Sketchbook
Teach Others

(via Felt & Wire)

Pre Exhibit Design

Khoi Vinh shares insights with soon to graduate students and young designers.
Dedicated with a smile to Anna B. following our chat last Friday 🙂

Design advice

Some time  class time is only about sharing information to make a friend smile!

Thank you Alec 🙂

Happy weekend!