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Narrative expedition

Sophomore GD studio exploring outside the classroom towards narratives and story telling. Stay tuned!


cow + bird = story

Anytime my inbox has a message from Jonathan Harris it just makes my day.
See his latest Cowbird project, for visual storytelling. For us.

Stories that would last forever.


Lincoln Center through October 23. Highly recommended!
IBM’s THINK exhibit shares a narrative about how we can improve the way we live and work. Data wall, film and interactive experience, featuring design from print through interactive.
Also, see 100 icons of progress.
Data Wall

Data Wall

Immersive film

Followed by an interactive experiece

Gil exploring @interactive experience

Illustrated visuals bridge film and interactive experience

Pre MoMA – Talk to Me

if you have homework due, do not click on the link below.
It’s addictive.
MoMA – Talk to Me

The purpose of design began to shift in the late 20th century from utility toward a more holistic combination of purpose and meaning.
Thus far, 21st-century culture is centered on interaction:
“I communicate, therefore I am” is the defining affirmation of contemporary existence, and objects and systems that were once charged only with formal elegance and functional soundness are now also expected to have personalities. Contemporary designers do not just provide function, form, and meaning, but also must draft the scripts that allow people and things to develop and improvise a dialogue.

Personal Story Telling

Seniors will be handing in their personal narratives soon.

More great examples of diagramming ones self experience:

A Visual Memoir by Kelley McIntyre

12 in 12 by Craig Oldham

All the Things that Influenced Me by Quentin Delobel also responsible for the visualization.

Personal Narrative and Timeline

Seniors have been exploring their own personal narrative and time line assignments, considering story telling supported by different mediums of graphic representation. Last night seniors shared their process through bike trips, traveling and distance from home, relationship and growth as well as different communication mediums through flip books, posters and books.

Inspiration and references:

Story telling and infographics

Personal infographics