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I Hope You’re Happy

Following somewhat of a sad week: Is personal happiness a design problem?

The Happiness Chart, as explained by Stefan Sagmeister: “Happiness is not determined by where you live or how much money you make, but by factors like whether you have good friends and enjoy being with them.”
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Sagmeister shares towards the Happy Film.

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Book lovers: 50 Books / 50 Covers

It’s almost Valentines day. The one day dedicated to love by definition. The next few lines are dedicated to book, print and layout lovers!

I spent the afternoon visiting the AIGA 50 Books / 50 Covers show at Mount Ida College.  The 2009 collection offers a wonderful opportunity to explore an impressive range of awarded design books. Extremely inspiring!
Most books are displayed for audience to browse, next to detailed information about concept and production!

Fabrizio Giannini. Live without dead time

Ideas + Buildings Vol. 02: Perspective-Global Context

Oubey Mindkiss by Sagmeister Inc.

If  you find one of the following applicable, consider this exhibit a must:

01. You love books
02. You love print
03. You’re still wondering about the whole Kindle experience
04. You appreciate great design when you see it
05. Bad kerned bumper stickers, make you grumpy
06. You have more than one good design folder on your laptop
07. You are the proud owner of a very l-o-n-g wish list on Amazon
08. You asked for design books for the holidays/your birthday (and got them!)
09. You would love to browse through a fine collection of books
10. Especially when #09 means art catalogs, illustration, type, monographs etc.
11. Needless to say that all of 09+10 will never be found in one bookstore
12. You enjoy information about designer and concept when looking at a book
13. You always ask yourself  ‘what type of paper did they use for the book/cover’
14. You often think: oh, I would use this typeface, if only i knew what it was….
15. You might have a multi-page project planned for the next few weeks
16. You plan to design your own books, when only you find the time to do it…
17. Layout is totally your thing!
18. All of the above!

FYI – I spent an hour plus at the gallery, took over 90 pictures, and plan to go again. I’m just saying….