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Design NYC

improves the lives of New Yorkers through the power of design. DesigNYC is a platform that demonstrates the value of design through action. We connect civic-minded designers with extraordinary nonprofits serving the public good. We reveal our impact through great storytelling. Our focus is local. Our approach is multi-disciplinary. Our process is participatory, and community-centric.


Activism & giving back*

Dear senior class,
Anna O. heard (Ally?!) about your activism projects and provided the following links. Thanks Anna!
*Giving back is when ex-seniors email me with inspiring links to share with current seniors. Anna O. – you’re an honorary room 357’er!

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum exhibit (on view at the UN headquarter lobby):

Design with the Other 90%: CITIES features sixty projects, proposals, and solutions that address the complex issues arising from the unprecedented rise of informal settlements in emerging and developing economies.

Read NY Times article (research!) and click below to view exhibit website, featuring themes and solutions around the world.

Designers (re)action

Reacting to current events, visual commentary following devastating events in Japan, is posted everywhere. Click to help. Design to help.
My thoughts are with friends back in Japan and their families.

Delphine Perrot
Delphine Perrot via DeZeen

W + K Studio

W + K Studio via DeZeen

Mike Perry Studio
Mike Perry Studio via  email

More posters via Rene Wanner’s Poster page