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Dating type

Pairing typefaces is the concept driving Type Connection by Aura Seltzer, a typographic dating game.


Andrea Bowers – New Woman’s Survival Guide

Andrea Bowers // Andrew Kreps gallery (closed Jan. 7, 2012)

“The exhibition centers on an independently produced 1973 manual for everyday living entitled The New Woman’s Survival Catalog: A Woman-made Book, which was the result of firsthand research and reporting compiled from around the United States. It presented practical information on topics ranging from art, birth control, and health centers, to divorce, self-defense, and unionizing. Bowers’s contribution is to quite literally interlace more recent feminist and progressive activism into its pages.”

Andrea Bowers catalog for Nothing is Neutral (2006)
Designed by Jon Sueda and Gail Swanlund – via Stripe SF 

Type of people #2

Recent reading and writing  lead me to  Tauba Auerbach.
Dedicated to those who have a hard time making decisions (myself included!).

And to those who love to read (aesthetic theory for the one below)

And to those who love to read yet find a peculiar joy in exploring encrypted messages.


MoMA’s Type Acquisitions

If you happen to be around the MoMA anytime soon (hint, hint) stop by Standard Deviations, Types and Families in Contemporary Design featuring MoMA’s latest type acquisitions.

Temporary Relationship

For type lovers in favor of temporary/time framed/no-commitment necessary/ relationships. Design your own Tattly. When market needs lead to new initiatives by swissmiss.

below: by James Victore

below: by Jessica Hische
via tmagazine

The Case & Point

The Case & Point
offers a collection of type driven projects, interviews, custom designed and lettering all curated by the wonderful Working Format.
Check out their Pinterest item, featuring updated custom lettering by Michael Deal, a past resident of room 357!

Webfont quality

Extra about The State of Webfont Quality from a Type Designer’s View.