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Kelli Anderson: Design to Challenge Reality

The New York Times Utopian alternative

Kelli Anderson challenges the convention.
Watch her inspiring + thought provoking TED talk, and check her blog too.
Aha(!) moments guaranteed.


Got smile?

Humorous Design from IdN (online issuu version!)


Can canine design?

Thank you all for hosting a canine visiting critic yesterday.
Canine rep would like to apologize to anyone who was affected by his presence: Charis, we’re sorry – hope you feel better!

Temporary Relationship

For type lovers in favor of temporary/time framed/no-commitment necessary/ relationships. Design your own Tattly. When market needs lead to new initiatives by swissmiss.

below: by James Victore

below: by Jessica Hische
via tmagazine


If you had a chance to check your Linkedin profile today, you might have noticed some new friends under people you may know, wishful thinking!




Attempting to address the following issue:

Jonny S. shared the following tonight – smile!