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Dating type

Pairing typefaces is the concept driving Type Connection by Aura Seltzer, a typographic dating game.


Decode: Digital Design Sensations

Decode – Digital Design Sensations
Exploring code, interactivity and networks as a commentary and investigation into our daily communication and its boundaries with the digital world.
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“This playful installation allows you to blow away the seeds of a dandelion clock using an infrared
light concealed in the hairdryer. It mimics the wind, scattering the seeds until they fall to the grass.

Dandelion was inspired by the childhood memories of blowing a Dandelion clock to tell the time. The intention of the installation was to recreate the simple yet satisfying experience and blow it up to giant proportions. The result is a playful experience that utilizes the latest in 3D gaming software (to create the huge Dandelion) and a common household hairdryer (as the blowing device) to create the very natural but slightly surreal interaction.

Users can accurately shave-off the delicate seeds by aiming the hairdryer at the fluffy Dandelion head. The seeds drift off into the evening sky until the head is bare,at which point it magically reforms to create an everlasting floral toy. To add to the immersive environment a speaker in the hairdryer plays an adaptive fan sound and speakers in front of the screen play a soundscape that responds the users interactions.”

Hairdryer, infrared light, infrared camera, projector, computer, speakers, and software (Processing, Unity 3D, Open Sound Control, Max/MSP, Maya and Blender)