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cow + bird = story

Anytime my inbox has a message from Jonathan Harris it just makes my day.
See his latest Cowbird project, for visual storytelling. For us.

Stories that would last forever.



Lincoln Center through October 23. Highly recommended!
IBM’s THINK exhibit shares a narrative about how we can improve the way we live and work. Data wall, film and interactive experience, featuring design from print through interactive.
Also, see 100 icons of progress.
Data Wall

Data Wall

Immersive film

Followed by an interactive experiece

Gil exploring @interactive experience

Illustrated visuals bridge film and interactive experience

Pre MoMA – Talk to Me

if you have homework due, do not click on the link below.
It’s addictive.
MoMA – Talk to Me

The purpose of design began to shift in the late 20th century from utility toward a more holistic combination of purpose and meaning.
Thus far, 21st-century culture is centered on interaction:
“I communicate, therefore I am” is the defining affirmation of contemporary existence, and objects and systems that were once charged only with formal elegance and functional soundness are now also expected to have personalities. Contemporary designers do not just provide function, form, and meaning, but also must draft the scripts that allow people and things to develop and improvise a dialogue.

Beautifying Information


For those who share the passion for info graphics and data visualization:


Update: it’s sunny!
While Room357 deserves a summer break, I will occasionally update with treats that might evoke the ‘oh, definitely would have shared this in class’ type of thought.
Happy (relaxing) summer!

In case you might be getting the chills from the following combo, here’s a user friendly remedy.
Baseline grid + CSS

Many discussions about online social presence and how communication might be affected, took place in class during the past year. With true conversation starter compliments turning into ‘Like’s, and human ability to provide 140 character fractions of one’s experience, a new Facebook App offers the exact opposite, translating, unifying and documenting online data into a tangible form, a book!
Social Memories

*It’s very helpful to have a cool+ uber talented UX designer sister sharing links, thanks Babi!

All You Need to Know

Fall semester is over. It was a great term, a bit ‘greater’ than others for many reasons. Often I wonder about the ability of education not only to teach (design in our case), but also to discuss integrity, respect, and other values one wants to embrace as a working professional.

id29 offered the following piece with 29  Things [All] Designers Need to Know

My Favorites:
Don’t Fear Type
Be Yourself
Collect and Share
Seek Criticism
Never Compromise
Make Mistakes (!)
Keep A Sketchbook
Teach Others

(via Felt & Wire)

User Interface

Adobe’s 2010 Design Achievement Awards application features a fun interactive user interface.
A nice option to browse and filter (by country or medium) categories through color coding and cross selections.