Farmers, Humans and Technology

While moving (too?) fast forward designers strive to consider the human aspect, looking back, to analyze and better understand where we want to go, and even more important why* and how to get there.
The Farmer and Farmer Review launched by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar offers ‘provocative essays from leading practitioners in technology and the arts, exploring the relationship between humans and technology’.

In my household the battle between adopting new technologies and collecting found objects from the street, is a daily joke. A 1920 chair stripped to its springs (pure curiosity to understand how it was built, lead to the discovery of horse hair inside!) has become an installation piece, currently referred to as the ‘Mother in Law’ chair. It’s all about the infrastructure.

Labeling content as ‘Food for thought’  both farmers address a hungry audience. (Check their contact email, designers must own a dash of humor!)

*Dedicated with much love to those who emailed or held a conversation with me   over the past few months about technology, design and our role as human beings.


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