Concept via animation to poster

A concept unifying music into photography, video and animation all the way to printed art.

Her Morning Elegance music video was made of exactly 2096 still photographs, shot and sequenced to create the sense of movement using stop motion technique.
After going from stills to motion, the artists decided to break the motion back to its still form and exhibit the 2096 individual photographs in gallery exhibitions worldwide.
Each still photograph will be printed once as a single edition print and sold through this website.
Once a photograph is sold, the corresponding second in the video will no longer be available. And with the very last frame sold, the video will have been broken apart, back to its original 2096 pieces, spread worldwide and hung in 2096 houses, bedrooms, living rooms and galleries.

Thanks to my beloved sister I am the proud owner of frame #1531!

Her Morning Elegance Gallery


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